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About Us

AJP Solutions are an independent specialist supplier of WiFi infrastructure and Network Analysis and Security Solutions. We have partnered the Fluke Networks group of companies since 1996 and our experience has lead us to work with a number of brand leaders within the industry.

AJP Solutions service over 900 clients across all verticals, for the provision of specialised network management and analysis products, infrastructure, solutions & services. Our flagship customers include The Bank of England, The European Golf Tour, Morgan Stanley, Citibank, Arsenal Football Club, Cardiff University, Cancer Research, Vodafone and ComputaCenter.

AJP Solutions provide:

We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we establish with our clients, approaching day-to-day business with a relaxed but professional manner. We are not into the hard sell. Feel free to contact us to talk through your requirements, confident in the knowledge that we will do our best to provide you with exactly what you need.


AJP Networking Ltd