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AirCheck G2 WiFi Tester (AIRCHECK-G2)

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Wireless troubleshooting made simple in a dedicated handheld tool.

New and Updated Features 

Performance Testing: 

Quickly and easily test the throughput on your network by conducting iPerf tests from an AirCheck G2 to an iPerf server. Getting complaints about slow connections? Test it yourself with the AirCheck G2. This quick and easy test allows a user to validate the throughput on their network at a given location.

The tester uses the industry standard performance measuring tool iPerf. Tests can be conducted with a customer’s iPerf server they install themselves on their own or utilizing our new Test Accessory.

Captive Portal Support:

Customers asked and NETSCOUT listened, users can now conduct all their AirCheck testing even on public facing networks that feature a captive portal.

Captive portals are common on many networks that allow connections to the general public such as in healthcare, hospitality, or education, they force a user to click through Terms and Conditions or type basic information into a form before access is given.

Authorization Classes:
One of our popular AirCheck G1 features is now available on the AirCheck G2. Users can now mark AP's as Authorized, Unauthorized, Neighboring, or Flagged. AP's can be sorted by authorization class, and the updated AutoTest can now report on any AP's that have been marked as Rogue or Flagged that are heard during the test scan.

Interferer Detection and Classification: 

Sometimes the problem isn’t the Wi-Fi, it’s the other devices in your area. Get a view into what other technologies are in your airspace by detecting interferers such as Microwave ovens or wireless cameras. The AirCheck G2 can use its wireless radio to detect interfering technologies in the environment and attempt to identify them.
Channel Overlap:

A common request we heard was the ability to visualize the channels and how they overlap with each other. This view is now available at the tap of a button from the Channels screen. Supported Rates vs. Basic Rates.
Another common request was to separate the rates on an AP into Supported vs. Basic rates, so that the user could see explicitly how the AP was configured. We’ve made this change to the AP Details screen, so both pieces of information are now available.

Save a Packet Capture:

Need a record of what was seen in the environment? Now when saving a session file, the user also has the option to save that information as a PCAP.

Product Overview

AirCheck G2 integrates all Wi-Fi technologies plus interference detection, channel scanning, and
connectivity tests. The one-button AutoTest and instant access to detailed information provides
fast troubleshooting for the most common Wi-Fi pain points, including:

• Coverage problems
• Overloaded networks or channels
• Channel interference
• Connectivity problems
• Failed access points
• Rogue access points
• Client problems

There are many variables that lead to Wi-Fi complaints, ranging from network based problems
and configuration issues to environmental or client device misconfigurations. Collecting all the
key pieces of information the very first time is key to every front-line IT responder to resolve any
complaint. AirCheck G2 simplifies wireless troubleshooting by providing:

• A rugged, purpose-built wireless tester supporting the latest Wi-Fi technologies
(802.11a/b/g/n/ac) that’s easy to use and easy to carry
• A one-button AutoTest, which quickly provides a pass/fail indication of the wireless
environment and identifies common problems - for any level of Wi-Fi expertise
• An instant view of test results including network availability, connectivity, utilization, rogue
devices, and interference detection
• A centralized test results management platform, Link-Live, that facilitates greater job visibility,
project control and fleet management for larger distributed environments

The intuitive user interface and management platform provides actionable intelligence to not only
remove the complexity of wireless troubleshooting but also helps speed up closure of the trouble
ticket. The cost of not getting the job done right the first time, leading to an escalation team visit,
leads to ineffective usage of the escalation team efforts & end-user dissatisfaction due to slow
problem-solving response time. AirCheck G2 provides front-line IT with complete & accurate
wireless information to solve problems right the first time, instead of blindly escalating them.

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